ÖLT 2018

The 44th Austrian Linguistics Conference

will be hosted at the University of Innsbruck from

26th – 28th October 2018.

The Austrian Linguistics Conference has a longstanding tradition of open exchange in all the areas of Linguistics. The 44th Conference in Innsbruck will also serve the same purpose, as it is intended as a forum for the presentation and discussion of various interests and fields of research in

descriptive and
applied linguistics

in the form of talks, poster presentations and workshops.

The languages of presentation are German and English.

Further information will follow soon in the 1st circular letter.


1st circular letter:  en_ÖLT44_newsletter1

2nd circular letter: ÖLT44_newsletter2

3rd curicular letter: ÖLT44_newsletter3

Conference committee:

Claudia Posch
Elisabeth Mairhofer
Gerhard Rampl
Ivo Hajnal
Kader Baş
Karoline Irschara
Katharina Zipser
Manfred Kienpointner (Chair)
Marlene Mussner
Peter Anreiter
Shinhyoung Kang

This conference has been awarded with the GOING GREEN TIROL logo. In order to protect our natural resources we aim to organize the event according to sustainable development goals. We ask you to support us by avoiding trash and travelling in an ecofriendly way.